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The flotation process is a complex interaction between the physicochemical characte- ristics of the species involved and the hydrodynamic and operating conditions in flotation cells. Efficient cell design requires knowledge about the power to be provided and the time to be spent in the cell by each one of the phases.


Modern flotation cell design is based on a cylindrical tank (Figure 2), and these are ommonly known as c Tank Cells. The cylindrical tank design allows for a more even flow pattern than the earlier 'hog-trough' style cells and consequentlythese units have better air and solids dispersion throughout the tank. Each tank can have their

Hydrodynamics of froth flotation and its effects on fine and …

The Concorde Cell is a high-intensity pneumatic flotation cell dedicated to fines and ultrafines. Its development by Professor Graeme Jameson and later on by was driven by two considerations: a reduction in bubble size and an increase in the shear rate and energy dissipation rate increases the particle–bubble collision and attachment …

Level control strategies for flotation cells

This paper deals with a model of six flotation cells in series. Simulations are performed to compare different control strategies. Four control strategies are considered: …

New approach for flotation process modelling and simulation

The most common approach in a single flotation cell consists of using a perfect mixing model, because of its simple representation and mathematical treatment. ... The flotation simulator considers the sequential calculation of each single cell in series, assuming a two-zone system: collection and froth (Finch and Dobby, 1990; Yianatos et al ...

Strategies for increasing coarse particle flotation in …

fluidised bed type flotation cell (Kohmuench et al, 2010, 2013; Jameson, 2010). ... This paper will present the results from a series of experiments in 's 3m3 RCS flotation cell performed to

Molybdenum Ore Processing by Flotation

The "Sub- A" Unit Flotation Cell takes the ball mill spiral screen undersize, removes the freed mineral and, to the great satisfaction of mill men, it makes a very high grade molybdenum concentrate. ... It is …

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

Flotation is a process of mineral separation based on differences in the ability of adhesion of particles to air bubbles. This process is complex because it …


PDF | As the size of conventional flotation cells increases, the proportional increase in surface area is smaller than that of the volume increase. This... | Find, read and cite all the research ...

Flotation Cell

The process is carried out in a flotation cell or tank, of which there are two basic types, mechanical and pneumatic. Within each of these categories, there are two subtypes, …


A froth flotation cell consists typically of a collection zone (or pulp zone) located below the feed particle point, and a cleaning zone, (or froth zone), above the particle feed point [26] (Figure 2). The collection zone is fed back-stream by the pulp pushed by the bubble swarm created by a gas sparger at the bottom of the flotation cell.

Recovery and cleaning of fine hydrophobic particles

The Reflux Flotation Cell (RFC) consists of a vertical vessel located above a series of parallel inclined channels. This novel system, which is the inverse of an existing gravity separation system known as the Reflux Classifier, provides a powerful mechanism for enhancing bubble-liquid segregation.

Flotation Machine

The flotation machine must perform a series of complicated functions. Some of the more obvious are: 1. ... In the froth flotation cell used for coal washing, illustrated in Figure 1.48, the suspension contains about 10 per cent of solids, together with the necessary reagents. The liquid flows along the cell bank and passes over a weir, and ...

Column Flotation

Basic Idea Flotation column cells are flotation act as three phase settlers where particles move downwards in a hindered settling environment counter-current to a flux of rising air bubbles that are generated by spargers located near the bottom of the cell. The sparger technology is an important design choice, and allows the user to optimize the …

A novel scale-up approach for mechanical flotation cells

Simulation 10 In order to evaluate the new TC-300 in comparison with the OK- 160, the novel scale-up approach was applied for simulating a 8 η=0,83 (TC-300) rougher flotation circuit consisting of eight OK-160 cells versus a flotation circuit consisting of five TC-300 cells. Metallurgical per- 6 η=0,74 (OK-160) formance simulation was ...

Minerals | Free Full-Text | The Challenges and …

Flotation circuits use multiple flotation cells in series to recover the maximum amount of desired minerals. Circuits consist of a set of cells called rougher, cleaner, and scavenger, as illustrated in Figure 5. …

Flotation Wear Parts

Towniprene® urethane flotation is available in WEMCO, Galigher, and Denver styles. Contact us today for over 50 years of urethane experience! Skip to content. 1-800-342-9920; Home; ... #36, and #48 in the standard impeller and Chili-X style with stabilizers Agitair Series 100 to 500 cubic foot cells Impellers and stabilizers. ...

IMHOFLOT™ Pneumatic Flotation Plants

G-Cell Pneumatic flotation has evolved as a reliable, cost effective and industrially proven technology; H-Cell. ... The test plant would normally consist of two vertical cells of 0.8m diameter in series i.e. the second cell floats the tails of the first cell. The pilot plant is equipped with different probes and a PLC for automatic control.

New approach for flotation process modelling and simulation

The most common approach in a single flotation cell consists of using a perfect mixing model, because of its simple representation and mathematical treatment. An alternative approach such as the LSTS model (large and small tank in series) has proven to be useful particularly for self-aspirating cells.

Different Types of Flotation Cells

Design of flotation cells has been improved and simplified to handle increased tonnage. One such development was the "free-flow" tank design. Another change has been the use of flotation mechanisms …

Modeling of residence time distribution of liquid and solid in

For more than 5 flotation cells in series, the RTDs converge to Normal distributions [or Gamma h(t)s with N→∞], which has been widely observed in industrial circuits (Yianatos et al., 2015 ...

(PDF) Control of pulp levels in flotation cells

A series of flotation cells consists of five tanks connected in cascade with control valves between the tanks and a slowly varying flow of mineral slurry into the first tank. This paper deals with ...

Jameson Cell

Jameson Cell has accurate scale-up reliability and is the real-word specification in any and all duties within a flotation circuit: rougher and scavenger duty. cleaner and cleaner scavenger duty. In fact, a single Jameson Cell has successfully replaced a traditional circuit of cells; and unlike other competing cells, it has no moving parts.

Jameson Cell: The "Comeback" In Base Metals Applications, …

best features of both Jameson Cells and conventional flotation cells, achieving better overall circuit performance in a smaller footprint than either technology could do by itself. Case studies of successful base metal applications are discussed, using size-by-size mineralogical performance to explain the improved circuit performance.


Mineral carrying rates across the pulp-froth interface in the range of 1.4-3.2 tph/m 2 and bubble surface coverage between 7 and 22 %, have been determined in large rougher flotation cells (100 ...


The ColumnCell™ is the result of thorough research, proven expertise and two combined legacy technologies. As a tailored solution, the ColumnCell is customizable to suit every customer's individual needs. Superior metallurgical flotation performance for fine ores. High concentrate and froth quality. High availability and high capacity.

Hydrodynamic aspects of flotation separation

Flotation separation is mainly used for removing particulates from aqueous dispersions. It is widely used for ore beneficiation and recovering valuable materials. This paper reviews the hydrodynamics of flotation separations and comments on selected recent publications. Units are distinguished as cells of ideal and non-ideal flow. A brief …


A froth flotation cell consists typically of a collection zone (or pulp zone) located below the feed particle point, and a cleaning zone, (or froth zone), above the particle feed point [26] …

Level control strategies for flotation cells

Traditionally in flotation cell series there is only one flow measurement in the beginning of the series and level PI-controllers in every cell. Simulations. In the simulations a configuration of six TC-50 cells in series was studied in accordance with the ideal tank assumption. Therefore the effects of boosters and launders were not considered.

Revisiting a flotation cell benchmark

Flotation Performance Kinetics Benchmark Tanks in series 1. Introduction Consider the classical problem of a homogenous, irreversible, first order reaction undertaken using identical, well-mixed tanks, operated in series.

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