Ukraine receives German mine clearing tanks

The Keiler mine clearing tank is a monster with a combat weight of 54.6 tons and an engine power of about 1,100 horsepower. The Keiler mine clearing vehicle. ... In addition, the machine is equipped …

US Army M160 Anti-Personnel Mine Clearing System

The US Army M160 Anti-Personnel Mine Clearing System, Remote Control or AMCS-RC was procured a decade ago for Afghan Operations. Designed and manufactured by DOK-ING d.o.o. of Zagreb, a company established in Croatia in 1992 to produce mine-clearing vehicles, the M160 robotic mine-clearance vehicle is an early …


MINE CLEARING . TYPE: Mine Clearing. DESCRIPTION: Mine Clearing Equipment. PRICE: Upon Request. PACKING: Ex Works . mine cleARIng equipment . From New Manufacture . DEMINING MACHINES . FROM SMALL TO BIG - FOR ALL REQUIREMENTS : Power (HP) Weight ( kg) Dimensions LxBxH (mm) Speed. …

(PDF) Development of robot and navigation techniques for …

Ground pressure of the developed robot is low US$. But, the current cost rate of clearing one mine is ranging enough not to make the mine explode. Pemex-B has to scan a between 300-1000 US$ per mine (depending on the mine large area, and assure the coverage of every part of it. infected area and the number of false alarms).

Mine Clearance Vehicles

Mine Clearance Vehicles. Our Mine Clearance platforms and tools provide Armed Forces and other organisations with scalable solutions for mine clearance, explosive ordnance disposal and the defeat of improvised explosive devices. They can also be used to create mobility challenges for adversaries. Proven around the world, these products are ...


These machines can clear 200–300 mm of soil depending on the speed of the vehicle and its configuration, the soil type and the terrain. As seen in Figure 1, a 200 mm depth can …

Western companies to provide Ukraine with Wisent 1 MC to break

Armored recovery vehicles and mine ploughs were ordered by the German government for Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have an urgent need for funds to break through minefields. Wisent 1 MC armored mine clearing vehicle. Photo credits: Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft. Delivery is scheduled to be completed by the …

Shield Pro Arms

SAMSON Mine Clearing Machine The components built in SAMSON 300 Engine Deutz – Germany / Hydrostatic...

Samson Material Feeder

SAMSON Materials Handling Ltd. developed the Material Feeder type Samson® MF concept to satisfy the demands of clients requiring a mobile solution to receive general …

Ukraine desperate for help clearing mines, says defence minister

The number of sappers in the Ukrainian armed forces was nowhere near enough to get through the complex Russian defences on the vast 600-mile (1,000km) front, with mine clearing units targeted with ...

DEMINING Remote controlled tracked carriers

D:Mine G/3 rotor style 275 hp The PT-300 D:Mine is a remote controlled mine clearing machine effective against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. Like all FAE tracked carriers, it can operate in the most difficult conditions, on all types of terrain, even steep slopes (max 45°), in swampy areas, and areas where there is dense vegetation or ...

DEMINING Remote controlled tracked carriers

The PT-300 D:Mine is a remote controlled mine clearing machine effective against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. Like all FAE tracked carriers, it can operate in the most …

AP Problems 2016 | PDF | Depreciation | Dividend

AP Problems 2016 - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. This document provides accounting information for Tanying Corp. for the year ended December 31, 2015 including unadjusted account balances, adjusting entries, and questions to calculate adjusted balances. It also provides …

Solutions from Mine to Port and Processor

Samson™ Material Feeders provide a flexible solution for intake to both mobile crushing and mobile screening plant eliminating double handling using wheeled loaders; the buffer …

Ukraine Takes Delivery of First Mine-Clearing Machine Costing

Ukraine has taken delivery of its first mine-clearing machine, which was made by a British company and cost almost $500,000. Sam Tabahriti. T09:00:00Z An curved arrow pointing right ...

Ukraine rolls out first domestic demining machine

Ukraine's demining efforts paves way for new capabilities in humanitarian clearance. According to the governor's office, the 16-ton machine has mechanics enabling quick repairs and replacement of any damaged parts even after hitting an anti-tank mine. "The prototype underwent testing for four months. So this machine has been tested in ...


The PT-300 D:Mine is a remote controlled tracked carrier for clearing mine fields that is effective against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. This vehicle works in the toughest conditions, including rough terrain, steep slopes up to 45°, swampy land, and in areas with dense vegetation. Some of its main technical features include a super ...

'You don't survive that': Ukraine sappers dice with death to clear

The Ukrainian ministry of defence recently announced that it would also make its own clearing machines to bulldoze minefields. 00:00:31 Oleksandr Slyusar starts work clearing mines in twilight ...


SAMSON 300. university of the machine with FLAIL / TILLER, CRANE and SMALL FLAIL and ladle to remove material from the area that should be demined. the machine offers …

Service Manuals

Part Number: 300, 302, 304, 813-5161, 813-5162 Bulletin No.: SM840803 Revision Date: Rev 2/2016. PumpMaster 60 – 6:1 Oil Download Manual Part Number: ... Shop Samson …


Like PAPs, minekillers are connected to the mine-clearing ship or surface platform via an optical fibre and steered towards the mine by an operator. In this case, however, the mine is not neutralised by laying a 100 kg explosive charge but by detonating the shaped charge equipping the front part of the minekiller.

The Story of Samson In The Bible (as you've never seen)

The story of Samson takes place roughly 1,000 years before Jesus and is recorded in the book of Judges. The book of Judges takes place after Israel had fled Egypt, wandered the desert, and finally taken possession of the Promised Land. This time in Israel's history was unique; they had no king.


Councillor Albert trained ropemakers who brought the now thriv-ing wire-rope industry to life in Upper Silesia and the Ruhr. He took out no patents on his invention. The Samson wheel was fitted with an iron rope about 1830; hemp had served nearly 250 years. Fahrkunst—Man-engine.



Need for Multi-purpose Demining Systems

Ploughs clear tread-ways by digging out and pushing mines sideways. Proper passages have to be subsequently breached for follow up vehicles and supply echelons. These safe lanes are created with mechanical means and subsequently probed manually. All militaries, therefore, need a large number of mine clearing machines.

samson 300 mine clearing machine pdf

samson 300 mine clearing machine - Know More. samson 300 mine clearing machine Over the years, ZENIT has been dedicated to providing brilliant technologies and equipment for customers in the stone production, construction, mining and mineral processing industri Its products are widely used in stone crushing, composting screening, landscaping ...

Joint Program Executive Office for Armaments & Ammunition

Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC) MICLIC is a mine clearing device used to clear a path for tanks, vehicles and personnel through minefields and other obstacles. The line charge is propelled over the minefield by a Mk22 5-inch rocket motor and detonated, clearing a one vehicle wide lane 100 meters long and eight meters wide.

Ukraine has taken delivery of its first mine-clearing machine, …

Ukraine received its first mine-clearing machine, the Armtrac 400, which was made by a UK company. Deputy prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov said Ukraine was fundraising for another.

samson 300 mine clearing machine

A mine-clearing roller (MCR) can be mounted on an M1 or M60 tank that is modified with a permanently attached mine-roller mounting kit. Mounting the roller to a tank is a cumbersome, time-consuming operation because it is very difficult under battlefield conditions and requires lift capability.

Product Manuals | Samson

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