Pockie Ninja Early Leveling, Gold, Stones and Coupon Guide

Gray Outfits 15,000-25,000 Stones or 20 Gold (Gold for another Jar) At this point, I had already synthesized the outfit of my choice for equipment, and therefore …

Pockie Ninja: Mashiro Kuna Skill Build, Stats and Pets

Quickstep can increase your turns while Rasengan and Gale Palm will. deal damages. Windstorm Array is also a must have skill for Punisher Mashiro Kuna! it serves as your countering skill, works when you are being attacked but not when you get stunned or frozen. - For stun and more damage output!

Pockie Ninja: Advanced Equipment Synthesis Guide

read first the Equipments Synthesis Guide here: Pockie Ninja Synthesis Equipments Guide [1s] Gears to [2s] Gears - Just follow the usual equipment synthesis. - [1s] + [1s] …

Pockie Ninja Handbook | GuideScroll

Pockie Ninja Handbook by Nikolai 1.0.1 - Introduction An unofficial Pockie Ninja handbook to guide you through the depths of this world. 1.0.2 - Table of. ... To remove a gem, there's a 'Remove' tab in the Armory and you can separate your equipment and gem by spending gold. Your equipment and gem will not be deleted, just separated and ...

Pockie Ninja: Advanced Equipment Synthesis Guide

You should know by now what [1s] or [2s] means and their success rates. If not, please. read first the Equipments Synthesis Guide here: Pockie Ninja Synthesis Equipments Guide. [1s] Gears to [2s] Gears. - Just follow the usual equipment synthesis. - [1s] + [1s] + [1s] = [2s] - This method requires lots of stones and luck though, but it's a start.

Synthesis | Pockie Wiki | Fandom

Pet30 = Pets with synthesis value between 31 to 38. Pet40 = Pets with synthesis value between 39 to 45. Sync 1-8 = items with synthesis value between 1 and 8. Bounded items cannot be unbounded. To fuse an unbounded item, you must have unbounded items on the main item and both catalyst, or else the final outcome will be a bound item.

Pockie Ninja Tips, Tricks and Info

with full health. Claim the rewards to exit or restart Las Noches. - Valhalla - to save those heroic souls. - Challenge levels that suits your current character level. - Repair your Equipments, Heal up and Set your Skills …

Pockie Ninja Server Files [Full] | Page 11

0. Guys, you will never set this up with the provided tutorials, they only get you so far, you need to do everything in this order: 1. Translate every last file. 2. Figure out what the empty .bat files are supposed to do and remake them. 3. Work out which order you need to run the files in. 4.

Pockie Ninja: Equipment Inscription Guide

Inscribe equipments, - that you will use for a long period of time. Start doing it at level 36+ or 41+. - that have at least 3 stats that you like for your character build. - Use 1 low level Inscription Talismans up to +5 or +6! - From here on, the success rates are too low, it's time to use 3 pieces of low level or.

Pockie Ninja Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Latest and best Pockie Ninja PC cheats and tips. Also cheats and codes for this game on other platforms. Discover game help, ask questions, find answers and connect with other players of Pockie Ninja. ... you can load up a few thousands of gold points and credits or you can cheat or hack your way into getting it. If you partner that w.. Read ...

Items | Pockie Wiki | Fandom

4 Stat Gold Equip. 3S + 3S + 3S.....(20%) 3S + 3S + Lucky Gem .....(25%) 3S + Lucky Gem + Lucky Gem (30%) 3S + Lucky Gem + 4S.....(40%) 3S + Orange Suit + Lucky …

Pockie Ninja: Pain Skill Build, Stats and Pets

Features. - Punisher Build (Good Strength and Stamina BMV with great growth rates on all stats!). - Pain's BMVs are great because they all go above average! You can almost do any build that. you want for this set of well rounded BMVs! But for this guide, we will go for punisher build because Pain is also one of the best Punishers around.

Pockie Ninja Hitting Open Beta

25 Mar, 2011, 07:00 ET. HANGZHOU, China, March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- NGames have announced that Pockie Ninja, their latest MMO brawler inspired by Naruto and Bleach, is entering an Open ...

pockie ninja gold equipment synthesis

how to make gold equipment in pockie ninja. Pockie Ninja. Oct 03, 2011· Gold Spending and Earning Tips. Gold comes from purchasing Golden Beans from the Charge Panel. 1 Golden Bean is equivalent to 20 Gold in Pockie Ninja. Spending Gold effectively is VERY risky. My data on this is slightly limited, but I have had extremely good luck with …

Pockie Wiki | Fandom

Example: Kakashi's Notebook*50, Dark Gold Bloodline Collection*500, Craftsman Talisman*5, Special Equipment Synthesis Scroll*2, Super Purify Stone, etc. …

Pockie Ninja Equipment Synthesis Guide | GuideScroll

Pockie Ninja Equipment Synthesis Guide by Setry List of Equipments: Types and Levels... ---------- Main Item + Catalyst + Catalyst = Result Weapon Range Level + Home

Pockie Ninja: Equipment Inscription Guide

Inscription can raise your equipment's basic attributes. Inscription level will +1 if inscription is successful. Highest inscription level is 16 (will become higher as the game goes). - Weapons: + Minimum and Maximum Attack …

Pockie Ninja, PN II and Original: Pet and Equipment …

Guide for Synthesizing and Upgrading Pockie Ninja Pets and Equipments. You can unlock the synthesize feature after reaching level 15. Note that the success rate percentages below are just rough estimates.

Pockie Ninja: 2nd Hokage Skill Build, Stats and Pets

Features. - Punisher Build (Awesome Strength and growth rate! with Acceptable Stamina BMV). - 2nd Hokage is one of the best outfit with Attack/Block percentage output! - 2nd Hokage outfit can manipulate Water skills and increase it's proc-rates to over 40%! - Crystal Blade: Key skill of 2nd Hokage under water skills that can freeze opponents ...

Pockie Ninja FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides List

Here is a complete list of all Pockie Ninja tips, tricks and guides that players can find here at UrGameTips. List might also include other posts related to the game like major …

Pockie Ninja II Social: Ninja Equipments and Enhancement Guide

Ninja Equipments are used to increase the overall Focus value of your ninja, thus increasing their performance in battle. When you are deciding which equipments to use for your specific ninja, just make sure that you equip the items to their specified class. Check the 2 main factors too, the Grade or color of the equipment and the number of Enhance …

Pockie Ninja: 4th Hokage Skill Build, Stats and Pets

Features. - Speedster Build (Good Agility BMV and Growth Rate) - 4th Hokage outfit can increase proc-rates of wind skills to over 30%! - Quickstep: A key skill of 4th Hokage that will give you a chance to do an additional attack. before your turn but reducing all attack damages to 65%. Windstorm Array and Gale Palm can't.

Pockie Ninja: Hebi Sasuke Skill Build, Stats and Pets

Speedster Build: Primary Stats: - [Agility] - Aim for Gold Agility or Strength stats per [4s] gear.- [Strength] - Hebi Sasuke's Strength BMV is great so get Strength as one of your primary stats! It's much better than Attack+%. …


Ninja.io. Ninja.io is a multiplayer shoot-em-up game created by Rens Rongen. Create a stickman ninja and put your reflexes to the test! Choose from a wide variety of weapons and defeat all your opponents in mini …

peralatan emas ninja pockie

Contribute to lqdid/id development by creating an account on GitHub.

Pockie Ninja Upgrading 4s Equipment Guide | GuideScroll

Part 2: First Catalyst. The first catalyst is going to be the 4s that you would like to upgrade. Level and stats on this weapon have nothing to do with the stats that the result will have. Part 3: Second Catalyst. This is where you start to …

Ninja Warz Is Back with a Play-To-Earn NFT Game

In addition, each Ninja minted will be integrated as a character in the online game, unlocking unique play-to-earn (P2E) rewards. Players that own a Ninja Warz NFT will have the ability to play ...

Pockie Ninja: Recast Outfits to Get Pioneer or Sage Releases

How to Recast Outfits. - Go to your Backpack and click the "Synthesis" button next to your inventory space. - In the new window, click the "Recast" tab. - Place the outfit you want to recast. - Use Recast Talisman or Gold to recast your outfit. Where to Get Recast Talisman. - Claim at the Online Gift Box (Stay online gift).

Pockie Ninja: Kurotsuchi Nemu Skill Build, Stats and Pets

Tank Build: Primary Stats: - [ Stamina] - Aim for Gold Defense or Stamina per [4s] gear. - [ Defense] - Kurotsuchi Nemu has a very good Stamina BMV so favor Stamina more than HP+% or. HP+ as much as possible. This will also give you more Chakra to use. Tank Build: Secondary Stats. TIP: Secondary Stats are your 3rd or 4th stat that will go with ...

Pilot Holes

Standing structure to hold a variety of multi-media artwork. Pilot holes are simply holes drilled in before driving a screw into a piece of wood. Pocket hole joinery is essentially just drilling a counterbore (more on that a little lower) pilot hole at a specific angle. Pocket holes are good practice anytime you are using screws to join wood to ...

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