How to Remove Concrete Sealer Using a Stripper

There are two methods for removing sealers from concrete:, which consists of grinding, blasting or sanding the coating off the surface., using a chemical stripper to remove the the coating. While both work, the often profiles or damages the surface to the point that translucent decorative finishes can no longer be applied.


This article outlines three different methods used in creating exposed aggregate concrete. 1. Manual Brushing. The oldest method of installing exposed aggregate also happens to be the simplest - at least from the materials and tools standpoint. First, contractors install the concrete slab according to normal methods, …

How to Achieve Success on Polished Concrete Exposed …

16 Tips for Exposed Aggregate Floors. A successful exposed aggregate floor starts with a quality contractor.

How to Acid Wash Concrete: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

1. Remove dirt and grease. Brush or vacuum dirt from the concrete. If there are oil stains, remove them with a concrete degreaser …

How Long Before You Can Drive on New Concrete?

Timeline for a New Concrete Driveway. The first 2 days: This is the time when your concrete driveway is the most vulnerable, especially the first 24 hours. Cordon off the fresh concrete to prevent people, pets, and vehicles from entering the area. After 48 hours: Concrete is okay to walk on, but it's still curing and gaining strength.

Perfecting a Quartz Pool Finish

While the process does clear away stains and make a pool look impressively "new," informed professionals know that it involves sacing a portion of the plaster's projected service life. ... Many applicators carry samples of exposed-aggregate finishes that have been acid-washed to maximize quartz exposure. Theses samples …

Exposed Aggregate Finish Concrete: 7 Best Characteristics, …

The process of creating an exposed aggregate finish on Concrete typically involves pouring a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates into forms. Once the Concrete has begun to set, the top layer of cement is carefully removed using various techniques, including brushing, washing, or blasting. ... Apply surface retarder to slow the curing ...

Spray-Applied, Water-Soluble Surface Retarder

Product Estimator App. TOP-STOP is a spray-applied, water-soluble surface retarder designed to slow the set of surface mortar in concrete to expose the aggregate. It temporarily halts the set of Portland cement at the surface while the concrete below the surface cures normally. TOP-STOP is economical and easy to use, producing beautiful …

How to Do Exposed Aggregate Concrete

A water hose with good pressure is the preferred method for washing exposed aggregate. After it's washed and everything looks consistent, spray on a sealer or curing compound. This is particularly …

How to Achieve Success on Polished Concrete Exposed Aggregate Floors

Pour the concrete as late in the process as possible. 7. Edges. Install non-load bearing walls as late as possible to reduce hand edge work — saves the contractor labor time and results in a ...

How To Resurface Over Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Steps to Resurface Over Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Preparation: Remove any loose stones or debris from the concrete surface and clean it thoroughly. Repair: Fill in any cracks or gaps with a concrete repair mix. Primer Application: Apply a primer to help the new surface adhere to the old one. Resurfacing Mix Application: Apply the resurfacing ...

Pro Seal 896

Why Pro Seal 896 is the Best Concrete Sealer for Exposed Aggregate. Sealing with Pro Seal 896 eliminates the need for acid washing, removes the risk of staining and locks moisture into the slab, greatly improved curing for a stronger and more durable product. It's also a huge time saver for builders and contractors.

Effect of aggregate exposing and curing agent on the …

The exposed aggregate is a popular decorative finish for concrete because of its wide range of texture, good friction and excellent low-noise properties [1], [2], [3]. ... (OH) 2 during curing process. The C 3 S and C 2 S in unhydrated cement are identified. Compared with samples at 4–5 ...

Pouring an Exposed-Aggregate Slab for a Front Porch

In years past, the process we used to expose the aggregate was to wait long enough for the concrete to set up before getting on it and using a garden hose and broom to lightly hose the top layer. But I've …

Curing Concrete Dos and Don'ts

One of the most common methods for curing concrete is to hose it down frequently with water—five to 10 times per day, or as often as you can—for the first seven days. Known as "moist curing ...

Select-Etch Concrete Surface Retarder

Select-Etch by Brickform is a concrete surface retarder that makes exposed aggregate finishes easier and more consistent. It is topically applied to freshly-placed concrete to prevent cement paste hardening and achieve more controlled exposed aggregate finishes. Unlike sugar-based retarders with uncertain levels of retardation, Select-Etch ...

Exposed aggregate concrete

An exposed aggregate finish is the name given to concrete where the top layer of cement paste has been removed to reveal the aggregate, resulting in an attractive, low-maintenance and slip-resistant surface – here's how to achieve one. The colour, shape and size of the aggregates (whether rounded or crushed) can be used to create a unique ...

How do you fix over exposed aggregate concrete?

To improve the look and feel of exposed aggregate, a process known as grinding can be used to sand down the sharp edges and make the surface more uniform and smoother. A grinding machine equipped with diamond-tipped blades is used to carefully remove the aggregate and to give the concrete a desired finish. ... After the curing process, it is ...

Concrete Discoloration: Drying Different Colors or Spotty

A frequent reason behind a darkened-concrete appearance is the addition of calcium chloride to accelerate the setting time of concrete (see Photo 1), especially when calcium chloride dosages approach 2% by weight of cement. Inadequate mixing after addition of calcium chloride makes the concrete color even more irregular or blotchy.


Concrete curing and sealing compounds have the added benefits of protecting the surface after the curing process is complete, and enhancing the surface appearance with a glossy shine. All Euclid Chemical products designed for curing and sealing meet the requirements of ASTM C309, and many of the products are higher-

How to Apply Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposing the aggregate Method 1: Washing and brushing. Brushing and washing is the oldest method. All you need is water and a stiff... Method 2: Abrasive blasting. You can also use sandblasting or …

How to Do Exposed Aggregate Concrete

How to Expose Aggregate in Concrete. Learn 3 ways to reveal the aggregate in concrete patios, driveways and more. Close-up view of a surface after removal of the cement paste. Portland Cement Association. …

Influence of different curing conditions on water

Based on a micro-analysis, the proportion of large capillary pores (dimension >0.1 m) in the steam-cured mortar increased during the water absorption process with the increase in the number of dry–wet cycles compared with the standard cured mortar. Through thermodynamic and kinetics analysis, the mechanism and model were calculated to …

Exposed Aggregate Patio (Pros & Cons and Designs)

The national average cost of materials to install an exposed aggregate concrete patio is $2.04 per sq foot; raging around $1.90 to $2.18. The Basic aggregate concrete patio material price for 100 square feet area can cost around $125 to $150 while the Best material price for 100 square feet area can cost around $200 to $235.

Tips for Pouring Concrete in Cold Weather

Preparation Tips. Proper curing of concrete in cold weather can be enhanced through certain preparation practices: During cold weather, preheating one or more of the constituent materials (the water and the aggregate) can ensure that the proper concrete temperature is present during the pour. Rather than heating the Portland cement, this is ...

Durability of internally cured concrete with silicon

The durability of internally cured concrete (ICC) with silicon–aluminum based fine lightweight aggregate (FLWA) exposed to combined sulfate and wetting–drying attack were conducted through evaluating concrete mass, relative dynamic elastic moduli (RDEM), flexural strength, microstructure and erosion products, with the consideration of various …

Carbon sequestration and storage in concrete: A state-of-the-art …

In an effort to include carbonation curing in the production process of reinforced concrete structural elements, Zhang and Shao [132] proposed a 4-step curing process, which involved 5 h of in-mold curing in 60% relative humidity, followed by 5–6 h of off-mold conditioning in a chamber with a relative humidity of 50% and a wind speed of 1 …

Curing Concrete

An exposed aggregate finish provides a nonskid surface. To obtain this, you must allow the concrete to harden sufficiently to support the finisher. The aggregate is exposed by applying a retarder over the surface and …

Exposed Aggregate Concretes | Pavingexpert

Introduction: Exposed Aggregate Concrete is used as large bays for footpaths or low-speed traffic areas, as decorative vertical walls, and in dozens of different pre-cast units, ranging from block pavers, to decorative patio flags/slabs and to large pre-cast construction sections for multi-storey buildings. The basic premise of an exposed ...

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